best mens watches under 200

best mens watches under 200

In today’s materialistic world watches are much more important then previous times.Now-a-days every body like to complish their given tasks on time. Which shows their efficiency, which increases their professionalism. This can be only possible if you have good relationship with time and watches make good relation between you and your good time.

IMPORTANCE IN MILITARY: Watches have great importance in military because in military every thing is like to complish on time. They give specific time limit to their soldiers to do their task to make them fast and focused no extra time is given to anyone. Someone can only fit in this if he keeps his eye on every single minute and this is only possible if you have a clock with you everytime. Which is not possible to carry clocks because of their size now here comes the watches. They are also called portable timepiece according to their size and portability. In War or in military exercises they work in a time frame, which gives them the desired results. That is why in military wearing a watch is must.

IN EUROPE: If you are planing to move to Eurpoe or want to work in a european company. You have to take care of some important points. One of the most important is to wear a watch, yes you hear right wearing a watch in a europe have it own importance. Europeans believe that the employees who wear a watch are more sincere about there work. They believe that if you are going to work without wearing a wrist watch then this makes your impression bad and shows your unprofessionlism. This also makes sense, suppose your are in an interview or meeting and want to check time and dont have watch. The only way is to ask to others they will tell you, or stand on your feet and pull out your cell phone from pocket to check, both these ways make you embrarrassed.On the other hand if you wear a watch you just need to give a single look on your wrist and it’s done.

IN STUDENT LIFE: A Student life is golden period of everyone’s life.Once that gone, never comes back. Every student wants to fully enjoy their time ,wants to do so many things simultaneously with their study. This is only possible if you know to manage the time, In other words you know the time management. From Time Management means to act according to the timetable. Watches make you to manage time at any place in different circumstances. In developed countries almost every student wear a watch.

DAILY LIFE: Suppose if there is not a single time piece on earth just imagine you know what will happen. Everything gets collapse ,no time peice means no timetable.There wiil be no breakfast,lunch or dinner because they are fixed according to time frame. Space programs are not possible, Air travelling not possible. All the scientific Theories will be meaning less if there us no time frame. So watches are that much important in our daily life.