You’d first have to know what type of binoculars you’ll need. This all depends on what kind of game you hunt. The most common would be deer and the like, but some hunters are also out for bats or flying critters, and in some parts of the world there are legal hunts for much larger animals.

It also depends on your weapon of choice. Longer range scopes for powerful rifles also require you to spot your surroundings with your binoculars first. So it’s best to pick one that’s specifically designed for that – like higher magnification and wider fields of view.

The wolves headed east together and we moved to the Hellroaring Overlook to try to spot them.

We were unsuccessful, but we did get a visitor. Almost too close for comfort, a black bear walked through the parking lot, and about 50 people!! He was sometimes less than 20 feet away. I retreated behind my car door, bear spray and camera in hand.

So ends my time in Yellowstone but I will return!