Scientific Evidence of the Dangers of Vaccines

Scientific evidence is emerging that shows vaccines could cause mind injuries including autism, ADD, depression, epilepsy, schizophrenia, and other illness. This evidence is mainly suppressed by big Pharma, the press, and the government. There is big money in the medical, pharmaceutical, and
vaccine industries and they don’t want to get rid of their money tree. Anyone, including well-known researchers, who actually suggest that vaccines aren’t safe but are certainly dangerous gets black-balled and discredited.

Aluminum Risks
Aluminum adjuvants don’t get properly removed from your body, as assumed by vaccine advocates.
Alternatively, the resistant systems cells (macrophages) pick them up and transport them around your body, and in to the brain. This will cause mind harm and autoimmune diseases.

Resistant Initial Brain Injury
Brain progress is controlled by “cytokines”(immune process signals). Activating them all through brain
progress could cause disruptions in these signals, which effects in permanent mind harm such as
autism, schizophrenia and other intellectual illnesses. Undesirable vaccine tendencies have now been established to
induce (interleukin-6), which will be which can cause autism. Research on that is done by many
labs around the globe, but the bond to vaccines is dismissed.

Aluminum and Resistant Initial
Aluminum causes resistant activation, and interleukin-6 specifically. The IL-6 is stimulated in the
brain. Additionally it stimulates Th2 activation, which will be shown to impair mind progress in animal studies.

They are just a couple of causes that people should take into account the dangers of vaccines. Until
you will find conclusive studies that show that vaccines are dangerous, many people will continue to
confidence their medical practioners and the medical establishment that vaccines are perfectly safe and unfortunately
kiddies will remain injured. Only by people being educated and vaccine problems getting
exposed will the truth turn out and power the producers to make a safe product and not be
secured by the us government and the law.